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3DMakerpro’s Moose may be the 3D scanner enthusiasts have been waiting for

3D printing has never been closer to the mainstream, and printers from Bambu Lab and Uniformation are as plug-and-play as any newbie can get. However, what the hobby has been missing so far is a user-friendly way to scan your own objects and convert them into 3D models that you can print yourself. 3D scanners have been around for a while, but like the printers themselves, the technology is now accelerating and prices are falling.

Moose, launched by 3DMakerpro, just went on pre-order today, and judging from the press release, it seems to be exactly what we are looking for: “(Moose Scanner is) a 3D scanner for beginners, with AI vision function tracking technology. Moose Series It is 3DMakerpro’s latest consumer-grade 3D scanner series, designed to process medium-sized objects in the real world into 3D models with excellent efficiency and accuracy.

“Powered by a set of AI features and in partnership with Oqton, the developer of Geomagic Wrap, 3DMakerpro is committed to making 3D scanning easier and more accessible for both beginners and advanced users in the creative field.”

“The Moose series brings the accuracy of consumer 3D scanning to new heights, allowing more users to benefit from the convenience of 3D scanning,” said Yu Wentian, global marketing director of 3DMakerpro. “Our dedication to innovation enables us to achieve high-precision 3D scanning.” democratizing scanning and pushing boundaries to make all creative visions a reality.”

The Moose comes in two different models, the Moose and Moose Lite, with the latter priced at $249 pre-sale ($399 later) and the main Moose priced at $454 ($699 later). The Lite’s scans are less detailed and operate using the Mono texture mapping method, whereas the main Moose has a full 24-color map.

Hopefully we’ll see in the coming weeks whether 3DMaker Pro succeeds in achieving this goal, but early signs look good, and the pre-order price is respectable.

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